Jay Rubinstein

My desire for Photography began before I even knew it when my father purchased me my first Canon AE-1 Program SLR for my birthday @ the innocent age of 16. I soon discovered how pictures depict a lifetime of thoughts in the blink of an eye. 

Honing my skills @ the University of Tennessee, under the scrutiny of the renowned Brooklyn born photographer Baldwin Lee, I began to see the impact that photography has on people and the emotional bond between photographer & subject matter. Schooled in the non digital age of photography I developed a passion for the technical side of photography and how priniting/developing film is just as important as the images taken. 

Over the past 30 years I have refined my eye and shot anything from models, real estate, rock concerts, automobiles, landscapes, commercial products, children of crack addicts to family events. All are satisfying and offer their own unique challenges in ways to depict your art.

My philosophy behind my photography is quite simple: Place yourself in situations where you do not feel comfortable and rely on your skills & you will produce some of the most amazing photographs ever.